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Focused Health Programs                                            

Customized programs created by our team of health and wellness experts, to help you reach attain a specific goal or simply be your optimal you!             Read More

OWN Classes


Movement Classes to Inspire Your Life                                                     

Our OWN Studio is a space created with intention. In this warm and comfortable environment, with lots of natural light, we offer many different classes for you to explore movement. Explore what moves you towards Optimal Health though the expertise of our many inspiring instructors.  Read More



Join Us for Fun & Inspiring Workshops                                                             

Creative, educational, fun, therapeutic, thought-provoking, we host many workshops to inspire our Niagara community. Maybe you have an idea for your own workshop in the OWN Studio.                             See What’s Coming Up!

Seasonal Allergies


Explore Natural Approaches to Eliminate Allergies

Every spring, summer and fall millions of people sneeze, wheeze, drip, and sniffle. These allergy symptoms can be caused by airborne pollen, food, dust, pets, or chemicals. Learn what cause yours, and heal them naturally, once and for all!  Read More

Attacking Anxiety


A Comprehensive Approach to Healing Anxiety

We can achieve an optimal state of health and happiness when our mind and body work in harmony. The OWN team can help identify and address your physical, mental and emotional stressors, in a comprehensive and coordinated approach.              Read More

Food and Nutrition


Learn About Fuelling Your Body                      

Are you looking for nutritional advise to address a specific health concern, for optimal physical performance or just the basics about food and nutrition for everyday life? Learn how our specific programs and passionate experts at Optimal Wellness Niagara can assist you.         Read More