Wait-listed? Prehab can help!

Have you or someone you know been wait-listed for an orthopaedic surgery? Or have been scheduled for an appointment with an Orthopaedic Specialist that is months and months away?

These wait-times can be long, painful, and debilitating! Often times, they can be associated with pain, a decrease in functional status, overall fitness and a reduced quality of life.

Prehabilitation, or ‘Prehab’ is the answer to these wait-times!

Prehabilitation is changing and improving your functional capacity prior to surgery. Turning the wait-time into healing ...

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Niagara Prehab & Wellness

Niagara Prehab & Wellness is a health practice in St. Catharines providing early health interventions to maintain and improve your quality of life. Specializing in exercise and activity therapy, prehabilitation and rehabilitation, we help you get well and stay well!

Located at Optimal Wellness Niagara, surrounded by a great family of Practitioners; it is our mission to provide exceptional cost-effective healthcare by establishing quality patient relationships based on knowledge, trust, and understanding. It is our goal to promote healing and great ...

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