YOGA NIDRA 6 or 8 Week Courses

Starting Date:  See our Studio Schedule or Contact Sandra directly for next session dates 

Wednesdays 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

$72 to $96 + hst ($12 per class as package)

  •  Transform stress, conquer fears, & balance emotions
  •  Experience deeper levels of inner freedom and self-love
  •  Rest deeply and restore energetic balance
  •  So Easy – No yoga experience required – just lie down and listen
  •  Develop greater ability to explore thoughts and integrate trauma for  deeper sense of  equanimity and wholeness
  •  Awaken inner potential and harmonize deep subconscious
  • Discover Yoga Nidra – to awaken your whole being, allowing you to enjoy life fully


Facilitator Sandra Jean Edgar, RYT and certified Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra practitioner will guide you lovingly through this process of deep transformation.

 Bring a blanket, yoga mat, and pillow or bolster.


 Please contact or call 905 988 9009 to reserve your space




Our OWN Meditation classes are taught by Sandra Edgar.  If you are interested in joining a class please contact  Pre-registration is required.  Once we have a 6 student minimum the class will run.  Sign up today!

“The meditation I am talking about is not a meditation on something: rather, it is a state of meditation. So this is what I mean when I am talking to you about meditation as a state. Meditation does not mean remembering someone. Meditation means to drop everything which is in one’s memory and to come to a state where only consciousness remains, where only awareness remains.

“If you light a lamp and remove all the objects surrounding it, the lamp will still go on giving light. In the same way, if you remove all objects from your consciousness, all thoughts, all imagination, what will happen? – only consciousness will remain. That pure state of consciousness is meditation. You don’t meditate on somebody. Meditation is a state where only consciousness remains.

“When only consciousness remains without an object, that state is called meditation. I am using the word meditation in this sense.

“What you practice is not meditation in the real sense; it is only a concept. But meditation will happen on its own through this. Try to understand that what you are practicing at night, exercises involving the chakras, and in the morning, exercises involving the breath, is all a discipline, it is not meditation. Through this discipline a moment will come when the breath will seem to have disappeared. Through this discipline a moment will come when the body seems to have disappeared and thoughts have also disappeared. What will remain when everything has disappeared? That which remains is meditation. When everything has disappeared, that which is left behind is called meditation.